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AL-MAWARID Bank and Allianz SNA create a new Bancassurance partnership for the Retirement and Education Saving plans

AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L. was established in 1980 and has experienced large year on year intrinsic growth since then. This impressive performance can be attributed to the Bank’s sound management structure coupled with our philosophy that customer satisfaction comes first. AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L. is registered in the Bank's list # 101 BDL. 

Another factor has been the commitment of our shareholders, who are encouraged to re-invest all profits to support the Bank’s ongoing expansion scheme. The shareholders have also demonstrated their commitment to the Bank by raising capital from their personal funds whenever expansion plans warranted additional capital injection. 

AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L. branch network covers most major cities and residential areas. This carefully located branch network has been instrumental in expanding our customer base.

Over the years AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L. has succeeded in meeting its main objective, which is to continuously introduce high-quality products and services that meet our customers’ evolving needs. Aside from basic banking services, AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L. scope of operations includes as well insurance brokerage. To keep ahead of the highly competitive market, AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L. has made substantial investments in the latest technologies and now boasts an extremely advanced IT infrastructure.

This bold strategy has driven AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L. further in the Lebanese bank ranking.

AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L. solid corporate foundation combined with its promise to deliver the most innovative and attractive banking products can only strengthen and consolidate its position among Lebanon’s leading banks.