Business Services at American Bank

Business Deposit Accounts

Business Checking

If you’re a large corporation, a sole proprietor, or an LLC, we have business checking to meet your needs. Fees are based on monthly activity and balances maintained offset these fees. If you’re unsure of the balance you might need to offset your applicable fees, just contact us and we can help you calculate your balance required. Ask us about Commercial Online Banking and what it can do for you.

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Business Interest Checking

This allows you to earn interest on collected balances maintained in your account. The interest rate paid on your Business Interest Checking Account is tiered, so the higher the balance, the more money your account earns. Please contact any of our offices for current terms and fees.

Nonprofit Business Checking

If you are a nonprofit organization, you are eligible for service charge free checking. The only cost to a nonprofit organization is the printing of your checks!

For more information regarding accounts available for businesses, please call or stop in at any of our offices.

Insured Money Market Accounts

Only $1,000 is needed to open an Insured Money Market Account. This type of account allows you to earn money market interest rates while keeping your money liquid. You may make six transfers per month from your account, but only three may be payments (checks) to third parties. You may visit any of our offices to withdraw as often as you’d like. Rates vary, depending on your balance. Please call any of our offices for current information.

Certificates of Deposit

American Bank offers certificates of deposit with various terms and interest rates to meet your needs. The minimum balance required to open a certificate of deposit is $1,000.00 and special rates may be available for jumbo CDs (with balances of $100,000.00 or more). Please contact any of our offices for details.